Boston and Maine Railroad
Station & Siding Symbol Books

The B&M Accounting Dept. published a series of Station & Siding Symbol books, used by railroad employees to record car service information in wheel reports.  The author's collection includes the following books: 1/1/1913, 9/1/1932, 9/1/1943, and an undated issue.  The last of the four includes no publishing date, however, as Mr. Glacy is a fellow of some repute (and eventually convicted alongside Patrick McGinnis,) we can determine that he was still Comptroller as late as 1948, but had ascended to the office of V.P. as early as 1952.  The B&MRRHS archive web catalog lists a 4/1/54 issue; this may very well be the date. The Society also lists an additional issue for 1918, as well as later ones dating to the 1960's and 70's.  The books have their symbols arranged by mainline and branch; rather than scanning all pages, please just request appropriate portions if you are trying to decipher a particular wheel report.

Posted 11/28/17.  Maintained by Earl Tuson